Revolution Takes the Lead in Transporting IT Equipment

Revolution is an industry leader in ITAD and ITAM practices.

WADSWORTH, Ohio, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

Revolution Trucking, LLC has quickly become the preferred provider of white-glove services for high-tech equipment (e.g., racks, servers, firewalls, computers, and phones). After more than 30 years in supply-chain management, logistics, and transportation, James Adams, CEO and Founder of Revolution, formed the Company in 2019 with the specific goal of moving high-value, high-risk freight safely and securely throughout the globe. With a unique mix of company-owned trucks and blue-chip transportation partners, Revolution has built a forward and reverse-logistics network that provides shippers with unmatched performance.

It's no surprise that the digital economy is growing at more than 3 times the rate of the overall gross domestic product (GDP). The digital economy is now worth more than three trillion dollars in the United States alone. And since the onset of COVID, that rate is accelerating. This demand has driven the need for IT asset disposition, or ITAD for short. ITAD is the practice of managing the lifecycle of hardware, whether companies are purchasing, updating, upgrading, or recycling computer IT equipment.

"Revolution has been able to rapidly grow its ITAD services for three main reasons", said Adams. "Superior planning, outstanding execution, and world-class customer service." Adams went further, "from the beginning we built a company designed for much more than just picking up and delivering freight. ITAD opportunities are more about project management than transporting goods from A to B. For example, Veritas Technologies ( was upgrading systems for a hospital network with more than 100 locations containing more than 1,000 unique pieces of hardware. You cannot call UPS or FedEx to manage something like this. They focus on filling their trucks, not managing the complexities of ITAD services. We are in the business of surpassing customer expectations, regardless of the need. That means taking on every aspect of coordinating, picking up, consolidating, shipping, and delivering high-value goods on-time, every-time, and without exception"

From the beginning, the team at Revolution has focused on developing people, processes, and technology to exceed expectations. "Our focus on execution and customer service has enabled Revolution to double in size every 6 months, and I don't see that changing.", said Adams. "We conduct quarterly customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, and we have always scored above 75, which is World Class. Our goal is not to be big. Our goal is to be the best!"

Revolution Trucking, LLC is the premier logistics provider, offering ground, rail, air, and ocean transportation solutions for North American shippers. Headquartered outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Revolution helps shippers keep their promises to their customers. As a certified disabled-owned enterprise (DOBE), every dollar spent with Revolution helps grow a company's diversity credits. Call today and experience the difference.

For more information, contact James Adams, Founder & CEO, Revolution Trucking, LLC

Media Contact:
James Adams, CEO & Founder
Revolution Trucking, LLC

SOURCE Revolution Trucking

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