Revolution Trucking Announces Plans To Expand Fleet With New Trucks

Revolution Trucking, one of the foremost logistics and transportation businesses in North America, is set to augment its fleet size to 50 trucks this year. Located just outside Cleveland, OH, Revolution offers brokered services throughout US, Canada, and Mexico. With an impressive track record of providing clients with optimal freight solutions that covers more than 80% Fortune 500 corporations - you can count on Revolution's expertise!

CLEVELAND, April 2, 2022  --

Revolution Trucking, one of the premier logistics and transportation providers in North America, has announced plans to increase the fleet to 50 trucks this year. Headquartered outside of Cleveland, OH, Revolution operates its own fleet of trucks and offers brokered solutions throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Having serviced more than 80% of the Fortune 500 corporations, Revolution is experienced at providing clients with the best possible freight solutions.

The company has been growing rapidly, and they attribute their success to providing quality logistics services while upholding the highest of values and focusing on building relationships. The new trucks will help them continue this growth and serve their customers even better.

Revolution has a 99.8% on time percentage, nearly unheard of in the industry.

"Revolution Trucking has been in business for 3 years, and during that time we have never wavered from our commitment to our customers and carriers. We continue to add trucks and equipment to our fleet while maintaining the same high standards of service that have made us successful. Providing the best value is one of our top priorities," says James Adams, Chairman and CEO of Revolution, "What does this mean? Our set of standards is carefully maintained to ensure our quality of service is never in question. Revolution has a 99.8% on time percentage, nearly unheard of in the industry, particularly with the complexity in current supply chains. For clients this means on time delivery, less charge backs, fewer line down production situations that result from long waits on raw materials, and lower unintended operation costs like claims and fines they may face while using larger third-party logistics companies."

Revolution is the perfect logistics partner for businesses looking to move time sensitive freight across North America. Their comprehensive suite of services and world-class customer service makes Revolution a go-to provider for shippers of all sizes. Adding additional trucks to the fleet and expanding their reach into new markets are top priorities for Revolution.

Freight shipping is a critical process for many businesses, especially in 2022 with the increase in supply chain issues when product shelves are still found empty. It's crucial to trust the carrier you're working with. At Revolution Trucking, it's apparent that customer satisfaction and "on time in full" delivery is the number one priority.

SOURCE Revolution Trucking

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