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Revolution is expert at moving consumer packaged goods throughout your complex supply chain. We are prepared for every aspect, including special handling, pick-up and delivery appointments, and temperature controls.

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Some of the most commonly transported items in LTL and truckload shipping are consumer packaged goods, or CPGs. Revolution has become an industry expert in moving CPGs, and our trained staff is ready to handle special packaging, preferred carriers, delivery appointments, buyers, and distributors to successfully ship your CPGs.

Consumer packaged goods for delivery


CPGs are typically nonperishable items you might find in your grocery store. While these might include food, they also include items like detergents, paper products, and more. While these items are typically boxed or crated in bulk, each individual item is also wrapped or boxed for consumer use--think of a box of tissues or a spray bottle of cleaning solution. Some of the most common industries that produce CPGs are food and beverage, personal care, and home care.


The supply chain for CPGs follows the standard model for retail goods: products move through the supply chain from manufacturers to distributors to retailers to consumers. Often, CPGs are delivered to warehouses or distribution centers specifically designed to store and distribute these types of products. From there, they'll be sent to places like grocery stores or food retailers.

One of the challenges of shipping CPGs is ensuring that the products stay fresh and are not damaged in transit. Revolution takes pride in its best-in-class palletizing, wrapping and loading practices. Our trucks are packed with care, and our clients consistently note our attention to detail in the shipping process.

Revolution's end-to-end supply chain solutions are perfect for non-food grocery and household items. With Revolution, your products can reach new markets and expand distribution channels. Whether you need transportation for a full truckload of goods, or an LTL shipper, we'll ensure that they reach their final destination securely and efficiently.


Our hybrid business model is especially important for moving consumer goods. When you book with Revolution, you aren't simply choosing a carrier. We are an asset-based carrier, a full-service brokerage, and a 3PL with managed transportation capabilities.

What does this mean for your goods? For starters, we already operate throughout the entire retail value chain. From raw materials and manufacturers to distribution and retail, we thrive at every stage. Our forward and reverse logistics solutions provide you the flexibility you need to deliver the most value.

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