Revolution has supported construction, engineering, and real estate companies in transporting earth moving vehicles, large scale equipment, and building supplies. This includes new, existing, and decommissioned sites such as commercial buildings, energy sites, server farms, and multi-purpose event centers.

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Revolution is an expert in the field of shipping building materials and heavy equipment. Our expertise stretches across the spectrum of residential and commercial goods, from flooring and hardware to oil pumps, solar panels and wind turbines for large-scale installation.


Revolution has experience in shipping both wood and chain link fence. Whether it comes to the transportation of wood/lumber or rolls of chain link or mesh, Revolution has you covered. Our packing and shipping track record is second to none and your items will arrive safely and securely, every time.


Stair railings are often difficult to ship as they vary in size and length. Due to the fact that rails are often constructed in one piece, they need to be shipped in a vehicle large enough to carry them comfortably. Revolution will ensure your building materials are wrapped and/or palletized to the specific needs of your products.


Construction sites usually need dozens, sometimes even hundreds of doors fitted. When it comes to shipping flat items like doors, especially in large quantities, it's best to work with a shipper who knows how to package doors correctly. Laying doors flat can lead to damage. For large orders, doors are loaded from wall to wall in the truck to prevent them from rattling and potentially cracking. Revolution can expertly move your doors, frames, and other hardware materials quickly and safely, and help you monitor the whole process from pickup to delivery.


As with doors, flat slabs and boards for flooring have to be handled with meticulous care. Our wrapping and palletizing skills are unparalleled. Revolution will deliver your large-scale flooring orders on-time and without claims-- that's why we have a 99.9% no freight claims rate and 99.4% customer retention rate.

Finished wood for shipping for housing projects


The most common use for solar panels is to produce electricity for both businesses and homes. Solar panels are especially delicate and require careful packaging for transport. When shipping solar panels, Revolution takes great care to prevent damage and ensure the shipment arrives on time.

The dimensions of your solar panels is an important factor to keep in mind when shipping freight. Solar panels, like those employed in houses, can usually be palletized and delivered by dry van. Solar panels must be well-protected during transport to avoid any damage. Typically, solar panels are stacked in a crate either horizontally or vertically before being shipped. Revolution ensures that solar equipment is palletized, wrapped, and stacked according to our high standards. This includes the use of cushioned separators between each panel unit. The separators are critical because panels stacked without the appropriate amount of cushion may end up damaged.

With experience and expertise in safely shipping solar equipment, Revoultion has the know-how to get your panels to their destination stress-free.

Solar panels being installed after delivery

Our clients in the building, construction and infrastructure fields have used Revolution to help transport building materials for projects in all of the following industries:

  • Aviation
  • Data Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Solar
  • Sporting Venues
  • Wind Energy
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