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Don't take chances when transporting time sensitive, high value freight. At Revolution, our experienced Operations Team handles the most complex logistics scenarios. We move your critical freight on time and on target, with no exceptions. Call us when failure is not an option.

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In the US, shippers lose over $50 Billion a year due to damaged freight. One claim can wipe out the profit from an entire truckload of product. The risks are real, and the stakes are high.


We understand that price is an important aspect of your carrier selection process. Unfortunately, price rarely equates to value. Cheap companies may save you money in the short term, but the risk of failure is high. Damaged freight can wipe out the profit from an entire truckload of product, so it is important to select a company that can be trusted to deliver safely and securely.


While price is an important aspect of choosing a trucking company, it is not the only factor to consider.

Your freight is too important to hand it over to just any service provider. We do not just "throw" a rate at you, we price based on your real shipment requirements. With Revolution, you know exactly what you are getting in a quality carrier. When we do quote, it's actual, not estimated.

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At Revolution, we understand the importance of delivering on time, every time. We have a dedicated fleet of trucks and partners all over the world, so we can always find a way to get your freight where it needs to go. We deliver safely, securely, on time, and every time. In 2022, we delivered over 5,000 truckload shipments at a 99.3% on-time service level...with only ONE damaged freight claim!

We provide our rates with a backup of information about what costs are included, e.g., equipment, mode, size, and weight.

When it comes to shipping, it is important to find a company that you can rely on. Revolution offers unparalleled speed and efficiency, but our greatest asset is our world-class customer service. Our team is available 24/7/365 to help you get things back on track if something goes wrong with your shipment. We also provide real-time tracking so you always know where your freight is and when it will arrive.

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