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What We're About


Our motto is "On time, every time"

Accountable and Transparent

Why do shippers stay with Revolution? Trust and reliability. We say what we do and do what we say. While we pride ourselves on not making mistakes, we don't make excuses when issues arise. We are major proponents of continuous improvement, so we do not let problems linger. Our culture of communication and transparency differentiates us from other providers in the industry.

Truck driver delivering a Revolution load on time, every time.
Our continuous improvement practices ensure we far surpass industry averages.

Reliability by the numbers

In the US, shippers lose over $50 Billion a year due to damaged freight. One claim can wipe out the profit from an entire truckload of product. The risks are real, and the stakes are high. At Revolution, we deliver safely, securely, and on time, every time. In 2022, we delivered over 5,000 truckload shipments at a 99.3% on-time service level...with only ONE damaged freight claim!

Nothing is more important to executives than exceeding financial goals. As a logistics professional, you understand the shipping frenzy associated with deadlines. We want you to be the hero! Revolution helps keep your product moving by being proactive so you don't need to be reactive. Call Revolution and get that freight off your dock.


Putting People First

Be the Priority

Tired of having to call your carrier for updates? Your shipment is too important for your carrier to go radio silent. Uncertainty causes undue stress, and nobody needs more stress these days.

At Revolution, you are the priority. Although we provide you with real-time updates on our website, we also contact you and your customer on pick-up, at the midway point of transit, and upon delivery.

We serve our clients like we would our families. Be the priority with Revolution.

Giving back, doing our part

At Revolution, success is more than just business. We do our part to reduce our carbon footprint through recycling and fuel conservation. We also give money back to several national and international nonprofit organizations. In the theme of thinking globally, and acting locally, we provide time, energy, and money to organizations where we work and live.


Defined Processes, Repeatable Results

Minute-by-minute tracking

At Revolution, we manage all your handling and transportation needs from start to finish. We provide a 24/7/365 control tower for all communications. We coordinate with site contacts for inside pickup, palletizing, loading, and delivery. We manage chain-of-custody of products throughout the project. Our experienced drivers secure the freight within the truck. We provide real-time tracking of freight with regular status updates. In short, we engineer value into every shipment!

Our logistics planning means your freight gets moved safely and efficiently no matter what.

It's all in the Planning

The leaders at Revolution have more than 200 years of combined experience in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries. We have handled more than 2 million shipments for companies big and small. You should have confidence in our abilities knowing that more than 80% of the Fortune 500 corporations have entrusted us with their freight.

Our superior planning process ensures that we have all the information we need to provide the most accurate estimates and timelines for your shipments. We are constantly monitoring and tracking your shipments, so you can be confident that they will reach their destination on time, every time.

This is a testament to our planning on the front end, where we provide pictures and explanations to our drivers about their freight so they can properly prepare. It is common for us to receive only 80% of the needed information about the freight, and it's our job to collect the other 20% to ensure flawless execution. We'll send you all the necessary paperwork as soon as we get it, so you can focus on your business while we handle the logistics.


Staying on the Forefront

An all-in-one solution

There is no substitute for great people or proven processes; however, we have invested heavily in industry-leading technology to bolster our overall performance. Our secure, collaborative platform provides a single pane for all stakeholders to monitor and manage their freight. In addition, we provide a system of record for documents, data, and analytics. This instills confidence to all parties and helps accelerate decisions. Ask for a demo so we can show you what the future of transport looks like!

Wherever you are, Revolution goes with you.


Don't take chances when transporting time-sensitive, high-value freight. The cost of failure greatly outweighs the savings from using a cheap carrier.

At Revolution, our experienced Operations Team handles the most complex logistics scenarios. We move your critical freight on-time and on-target, with no exceptions. Call us when failure is not an option.


Flawless Execution

Trusted Carriers

Although we manage our own fleet of trucks, many of our customers have unique needs that require specialized equipment. For those instances, we rely on our partner carrier network. To hold these carriers to the same high standards we live by, Revolution has developed a proven Carrier Excellence Program that measures and monitors key performance indicators. This program ensures compliance and consistency for every shipment.

We vet our partners thoroughly to ensure that your delivery is streamlined and in good hands.

Thorough Vetting

For Revolution to onboard any carrier, they must pass our 5-point Partner Carrier checklist:

  • Financial Stability: We run regular credit checks on each carrier.
  • Acceptable Safety Scores: We review their roadside inspections and accident reports.
  • Proper Insurance Coverage: We ensure their coverage is current and correct.
  • Few Claims: We look at recent claims and outcomes.
  • Timely Communications: We enforce real-time tracking and consistent updates.

Don't compromise your decisions because you cannot find capacity. With access to more than 5,000 vetted carriers, Revolution stands ready to help you source the right carriers that meet and exceed your needs! We are your stress-free transportation provider.

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